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Thanks to the insight of the founder Igino Villa, Sferova was established in 1973 in a small workshop in Bernareggio (MB), initially to machine stainless steel parts.

Igino, a designer and metallurgist, developed the first series of ball valves for an important Milanese chemical firm. This led to a passion for the product, which together with great willingness and professionalism enabled Sferova to become known as a manufacturer of high-quality ball valves.


The year 1983 marked the first stage of major growth, when a new industrial shed of 800 square metres in Ronco Briantino (MB) and the first CN machine tools for machining were purchased. 

The range of valves designed and constructed expanded; valves of increasingly larger sizes and heavy-duty valves for very high pressures were engineered, and the number of employees rose from 4 to 16.

Over the next few years, Sferova began a substantial international marketing campaign, appointing exclusive agents in the most strategic areas. As a result, the company was added to the vendor lists of some of the most important companies in the oil and gas sector.

In 2008, Sferova transferred its headquarters to a new, modern industrial shed in Sulbiate (MB), which was specifically designed for new construction needs. The area is approximately 11,000 square metres, of which 3,000 are devoted to production and 1,000 to offices. Staff numbers continued to grow over the next few years and new graduates were employed in the various offices, reaching the figure of 50 employees.

In 2012 Sferova was selected to become part of the largest and most important technology park in Kazakhstan in Aksai (AIP) after satisfying the Kazakh government’s request for a local production site. Sferova Kazakhstan was therefore founded and in a short time became a leader in the production of high-tech ball valves, featuring on the vendor lists of some of Kazakhstan’s most important oil companies. The covered area designated for valve production is 1,700 square metres.

In 2014, Sferova made another important investment by creating the Sferova Changshu valve company, a fully owned branch office in China, for the purpose of producing extremely high-quality ball valves at reduced costs. Valve engineering and management and quality procedures are entirely Italian. The most important professional roles are also covered by Italian staff, which has allowed Sferova Changshu to enter the global market with very high-quality valves at extremely competitive prices. The area devoted to production is 5000 square metres, while the office building covers 400 square metres.


In 2018 Sferova expanded its activities overseas, establishing a new commercial office in Houston, Texas, and creating Sferova USA LLC. The aim is to penetrate the markets of the US, Canada and South America, and strengthen and expand relationships with the most important local oil companies.

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